Public Social Responsibility (PSR)

2024. April 29.
Közintézmények társadalmi felelőssége, vagyis a PSR

The 2nd edition of Eötvös SZITU Theatre Studies Conference was held at the Eötvös József Collegium of ELTE in Budapest, Hungary, from 25-27 April 2024. In her presentation, Melinda Gemza spoke about Public Social Responsibility (PSR) in the cultural public sector, and in particular about the potential of theatres as public institutions where PSR-related activities are still scattered.

In her presentation, Melinda Gemza argued that it is worth asking questions about what and how theatres as public institutions produce, what models can be implemented to make them more sustainable and ethical, how they can incorporate thoughtful activities with a real impact on society into their repertoire, and how they can operate in a way that respects cultural rights. She also presented her research on how participatory forms of theatre that are meaningful and engaging, and applied theatre performances that work with them, can create this opportunity. They can ensure that public theatres take responsibility for the state of society (or at least their own micro- and macro-environment). The integration of these programmes in the public theatres can create a pillar of PSR. 

As an active theatre-maker, founding director of the Csokonai Youth Programme (CSIP) and PhD candidate at the University of Debrecen, Melinda Gemza has extensive practical experience of the many years of work required to develop, step by step, an organisational culture (and, in parallel, an organisational structure) in public cultural institutions that allows for the organisational integration of social responsibility. In Hungary, very few public institutions still address their own PSR and measure the impact of their activities with such a focus, but SIXAGON is trying to contribute to this change of attitude by sharing good practices.  

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