Social responsibility and marketing

2024. January 26.
Társadalmi felelősségvállalás és marketing
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The Hungarian Marketing Festival is one of the most important meeting places for SMEs that want to take their marketing, PR and communication activities to the next level. Many of the speakers at the 2024 event highlighted the growing importance of CSR activities alongside traditional marketing activities, not only for large companies but also for SMEs. Among other things, it was mentioned that it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to communicate values that are important to them in a credible way (!) and to build a community around them. The need to integrate social and governance aspects alongside environmental (green) sustainability is not negligible. 

At SIXAGON, we strive to help companies of all sizes to operate in a conscious, responsible and ethical manner in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and to make CSR communication a tool, not an end!

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