Be a Number Queen! project has been supported

2024. March 19.
Támogatást kapott a Legyél Te is számkirálynő!

We appreciate as a great professional recognition that our project manager, Eszter Miklós Miklós was included in the pilot development programme of the National Laboratory for Social Innovation (TINLAB) with her project idea "Be a queen of numbers!". Only 8 project ideas from across the country were given the opportunity to work on a novel solution to an exciting social problem with the support of Hungary's most important professional social innovation organisation. The aim of the project is to strengthen the attitudes and sense of competence in mathematics of 8-10 year old girls by using a wide range of drama pedagogical tools. Jessica Cantlon's research has shown that there is no difference between boys' and girls' mathematical competence up to the age of 8, but that something changes by the age of 12. National competence and PISA surveys show that by upper secondary school girls are at a significant disadvantage. Why is this a problem? Because if we don't support girls and open the door to STEM - science, technology, engineering and maths - we are not doing enough to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goal of eliminating gender inequality, which is one of the most important goals of the UN. Sixagon is a collaborating partner of the Network for Regional Development Foundation, led by the Hunyadi János Primary School in Debrecen and supported by the Equalization Foundation. 

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